Street Art: Thierry Noir

Thiery Noir Blue Fast Form
The Blue Fast Form Manifest by Thierry Noir

I shall be trying to make it across to the Howard Griffin Gallery in Shoreditch at some point over the next few weeks to see the Thierry Noir Exhibition, 4 April to 5 May 2014.

If you don’t know his work – famously as being the first ‘Berlin Wall’ artist – there are more details on the Howard Griffin site.  Their intro:

From 3rd April, Howard Griffin Gallery presents a retrospective of the life and work of infamous artist Thierry Noir. In 1984, Noir was the first artist to illegally paint mile upon mile of the Berlin Wall. Noir wanted to perform one real revolutionary act: to paint the Wall, to transform it, to make it ridiculous, and ultimately to help destroy it. Noir’s iconic, bright and seemingly innocent works painted on this deadly border symbolised a sole act of defiance and a lone voice of freedom. In this landmark exhibition at Howard Griffin Gallery in Shoreditch, the artist’s first solo show, new original works will be exhibited alongside rarely seen photographs, interviews and films, juxtaposing old and new to reassess Noir’s enduring legacy and contribution to society …

There is an interesting interview with Thierry Noir on the Spitalfields Life website: Thierry Noir, Street Art and a few more prints, available to buy, to be seen on the Salted Prints site – a fabulous gift idea, I’m thinking.

Do let me know if you like this style of art as much as I do and if you have favourites yourself, do tell.




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