Falcon Collection: Flora Top by Egg, £680.

Egg Falcon Collection: Flora Top

I keep coming back to look at this lovely Flora Top, £680, below, from the Falcon Collection, currently showing on the Egg Trading site.

I posted the gorgeous white one above, on on Insta: @stiletto_wheels earlier this year which is now sold out.

I’m dithering because I’m worried that the bulk in the design will make me look more chunky in my wheelchair or whether I will be able to artfully drape it over myself to look casually, and elegantly, wrapped in a beautifully made, light, floaty, garment.

Of course, there’s the length too. I need about 32-34 inch length to cover  my strapped in knees and am not sure this has that.

And, the price as well. Though, as you know, I’m not averse to investment dressing. I have clothes that are over ten years old and still looking good, baby. Egg has lots of super ‘investment’ items for plus size and less than conventionally shaped bodies and aesthetic style taste. Love it.

But, the perils of internet shopping and reliance on a partner who’s very bad at doing returns. It won’t be an investment if it’s not right … just a very expensive mistake sitting right in front of me.

Still thinking about it though …

Falcon Collection at Egg, including the Flora Top.

Falcon Collection: Flora Top by Egg, £680.
Falcon Collection: Flora Top by Egg, £680.

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