Robert Yasuda: A Luminous Frame

Robert Yasuda
Robert Yasuda

The paintings currently showing at the sundaram tagore gallery, in New York to 1 March, by Robert Yasuda are just so beautiful.  This one, above, I would love to own and would look just great in my home but, sadly, I suspect, is way out of my price range.  Nevertheless, lovely to look at …

Do take a look at the video below, from Blouin ArtInfo, with five minutes of Yasuda talking about his work and showing some close ups of his technique.  Really very interesting.  And, from the sundaram tagore press release:

Yasuda builds surfaces that are at once ethereal and architectural. His process begins with wooden panels, which he carves by hand. The panels often take on unexpected shapes and non-traditional forms. Their smooth, gently sloped edges are one of the hallmarks of Yasuda’s work.

Once the sculpted wooden panels are constructed, he applies alternate layers of fabric and paint—a palette of luminescent teals, pinks, purples, blues, greens and gold—building the surface until the desired effect is achieved. Suspended between layers of translucent paint, the intricate weave of the scrim forms a grid of microscopic receptors that capture and reflect light.

Each layer of paint and fabric is subtly visible, creating a radiant color field and depth of space that lures the viewer in, compelling an extended examination. The work is understated and contemplative, revealing itself in a slow and deliberate manner. “The paintings are a form of meditation that bring you into the work, creating a quiet intensity and intimate space,” says Yasuda.

Couldn’t have said it better.  There is more to read and see if you click across to the sundaram tagore site.

I really wish I was able to make the show in New York but will sadly have to content myself with online viewing and a book, if I am able to find one I like.

Anyone else out there a fan or seen Yasuda’s work?  Would love to learn more …

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