Zoe Jordan Collections

Zoe Jordan SS14
Zoe Jordan S/S 2014

Keeping an eye on the Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Week Collections – I am no fashionista because the weird surrealness of looking at spring/summer clothes whilst buying and wearing autumn/winter isn’t something that has ever felt normal and as for the new trend of buying these from the catwalk so to speak … no, I am really not feeling that vibe – I saw these lovely relaxed prints by Zoe Jordan.

Hitting Google, I discovered that her previous A/W 2013 collection was full of more easy relaxed styling and colour/pattern combinations – I love the tweed coat/orange skirt combination below – available on the Young British Designers site amongst others.

Clearly not marketed at plus size, wheelchair users with a need for very specific fabric and style constraints, I nevertheless thought there was a lot to be inspired by for those of us attempting to transition lifestyle change in style.  Do you agree?

Zoe Jordan A/W 2013
Zoe Jordan A/W 2013
Zoe Jordan A/W 2014
Zoe Jordan A/W 2013
Zoe Jordan A/W 2013
Zoe Jordan A/W 2013
Zoe Jordan A/W 2013

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