Hats Obsession …

Caroline Herrara S/S 2014
Caroline Herrara S/S 2014

I know, I know.  I am totally obsessed with hats and I really don’t wear them that much at all.  Less than I should given my skin cancer issues.  So why is a hat one of the first things my eye is inevitably drawn to?  There must be some subliminal visual/cortex connection going on.  Am I alone in this or is it generic to humanity/women/plus size people/wheelchair users/blondes [delete as appropriate]?

Admire these two S/S 2014 hats from NYFW as you ponder on the wider existential possibilities of hat obsession – which somehow sounds so much better than it being an entirely shallow and frivolous love of frippery by me.  Fabulous, no?

John Rocha S/S 2014
John Rocha S/S 2014


  1. Spashionista

    Are you by chance acquainted with Judith, the Style Crone? She recently turned 70 and her weekly fashion blog always features a fabulous hat. Once a month she hosts a linkup called “Hat Attack” and we all get to join in on the fun. Her site is http://stylecrone.com


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