The Best Thing I Saw …

I was going to write an adaptive style – hand impairment – piece about squeeze-on earrings today but my domestic chaos is such that I just do not have the time to write anything.  For reasons why, flip over to my Stiletto Wheels site and hear me whine though, on second thought, don’t.  Give yourself a laugh and look, instead, at this Youtube video with Adam Hills talking about the best thing he’d see at the Paralympics.  Yeah, I know, it’s a year old but I hadn’t seen it and it is LOL funny … It’s just over three minutes and do hold on for the punchline at the end.

(Maybe, bear in mind that Adam Hills has a prosthetic leg himself if you think he’s being a bit casual about physical impairment.  Dis-peeps are allowed to be funny about this stuff but it is not OK for an able-bodied person to be so.  If you have a problem with that – suck it up.)

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