Uma Wang RTW s/s 2014

Black Tie ‘Can’t Hold Us’ Birthday Party

We are going to a family birthday party tomorrow – black tie dress code.  Man, I hate those now … it saddens me to remember how much I used to love to paaar-tay.

With free choice, at the moment, I’d be wearing Uma Wang.  My first choice would be the outfit above, followed closely by those below.  Sadly, in the wheelchair, I will be outfitted to blend into the background.  There is no wheelchair chic comparable to that I exhibited in my previous life … have just had to let that go.

Worse, it will be in an unknown venue, many miles from my home, so I will have to attend in my manual wheelchair in case of steps that so often go unnoticed.  How many times have I been assured that all floors are level, only to arrive and be presented with a step or two?  Too many to count and my electric power chair cannot negotiate even one step so, to be safe, I will have to go manual which means, of course, I am stuck in a corner unable to move without help and entirely at the mercy of others for eats, drinks and conversation.  And who wants to keep the sad crip in the corner company? I wouldn’t or I would to ‘make the effort’ and who wants to be the ‘charity’ case?

Grrr.  The only thing worse is not to go and be the sad crip left at home!

Best thing is to get in the party mood with some music.  I LOVE Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, feat. Ray Dalton … Yay, paaar…tay! With ‘Can’t Hold Us’ …

Grab a bottle of champagne and sit by a table big enough to hold as many nibbles as I care to eat.  Within an hour or two, I won’t care about anyone and should be quite incapable of talking at all.  Win-Win all round!

Enjoy the music and have a good weekend.

My 2nd favourite Uma Wang
My 3rd favourite Uma Wang


  1. Ekaterina

    Hello there – just wanted to thank you for posting very inspiring images and your wit.
    Some time ago you you mentioned Kedem Sasson – he is my favorite designer but unfortunately not sold in in the UK (I try to buy his pieces in Israel/US). Some of his items do appear on and quite often they are reasonably priced.

    Hope you do enjoy the party!

    1. Elle@plusblack

      Thanks for the kind words and the Kedem Sassoon tip – I shall keep my eyes peeled as I do love a lot of his stuff.

      The party went pretty good after overcoming the expected access issues! Watching my partner, D, coax his 8 year old niece onto the dance floor with him and my sisters-in-law ripping up the dance floor, it all felt very worth the effort.

      Best, Elle 😀

  2. Spashionista

    I’ve been the “cripple in the corner, too” so I know how awkward it leaves one feeling. I get very nervous going to unfamiliar places for the same reasons you’ve delineated here. But I’m not going to stay home anymore, either.
    I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself after all 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia)

    1. Elle@plusblack

      Thanks, Alicia, I guess there are a lot of us who get this and do our best to keep getting out there & live life to the fullest.

      It encourages me that we all try so hard and do so well. Yay to us all …

      Best, Elle 😀

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