James Piatt Finger Trap Handbags

Finger Trap Handbag by James Piatt

Okay, I’m not the biggest fan of bags but I do keep my eyes open for anything that will work with the wheelchair.

Attracted to the bag with the long strap (below), I found myself browsing other bags by James Piatt as they seemed kinda cute but also slightly … odd.  He has a website with info and a shop: go across read about him and see what’s what.  Interesting, huh? Hunted around and found an article on Dezeen: Finger Trap Handbags by James Piatt.  Not all his bags are Finger Trap style but they are all … interesting.

I applaud his ideas of exploring innovation in design and style but feel there’s something weirdly freaky about carrying a bag by your fingertips.  The bags are really nice looking but not sure I can get over the freak factor.  What do you think?

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