Moncler Grey Wide-Brim Sunhat £176

Sun, Hats, Skin Cancer …

The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Truly spring is here and my thoughts turn to … skin cancer.  Wow, that’s just not right, is it?  Two face surgeries testify that it most certainly is not.  Prevention being preferable to cure, I shall move swiftly on to my dilemma of the day: should I buy the sunhat displayed here?

I have to confess that I am a complete tightwad when it comes to summer style.  I hate the heat, am not keen on being out in the sun and, hey, living in the UK – it’s not like any summer item is ever good value for money being worn only for about the two weeks per annum that represents summer to us!  Mostly, I try and buy as little as possible, sticking to my preferred black background uniform and hoping not to sweat too obviously in my (lightest weight) winter clothes.

However, like most people, I occasionally am forced to attend occasions that – the horror – are held outside by crazy people who profess to ‘love’ the summer.  Depressingly, I have one looming … a street BBQ.  OMG!

Please forgive the overuse of acronyms but I am doing a Munch inside my head as this kind of event brings together every socialising nadir possible of my current existence – sun, heat, standing people, seated me, uncomfortable wheels, static position, children (gods, save me from their crushing honesty!) and, eek, massive skin cancer alert klaxons … and communal food with lurking tummy upset germs to complete my misery.

Yes, amazing anyone cares to invite me at all, really, such a beacon of positivity that I am about it all, as you see!  Obviously, I must hide my discomfort better than I think or they’re all just being polite and hoping I won’t come.  Let’s face it, I wouldn’t want me there if I weren’t me!

Okay, to the nub of my real problem: buy the new hat or not buy the new hat?  It’s £176 – a fortune for my summer wardrobe but it would be like a reward for putting myself through this torture, no?  Presents for being miserable … good grief, that’s not a trend I wanna start … I’ll be bankrupting myself in no time.  But I do love the hat … it’s so me and I would wear it for years (at two weeks a year, probably a life-long investment!).  And I do need skin cancer protection – valid health issues do hold some weight here, no?  Big decisions … what would you do?  Another picture to influence your thinking … so pretty … I shall pop across to Selfridges while I think about it to see if they have anything better … ahem, cheaper.

Moncler Grey Wide-Brim Sunhat £176
Moncler Grey Wide-Brim Sunhat £176



    1. Elle@plusblack

      Honey, I did … it was irresistible.
      My beautiful purchase is currently sitting on an orange cabinet in my study, making me feel happy.
      We await the sun to sashay forth in our full glory … might be waiting awhile, I fear!
      Best, Elle 😀

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