Art To Wear and display: Artful Home

Joanne Staniszkis Top

Mooching around for Shibori shawls, I visited a site I hadn’t been onto for a while: Artful Home.

Pleased to see it still up and in working order, I was pleasantly reminded of all the fabulous designer/makers that display their wares here.  There’s so much to look at for both home – especially if, like me, you’re in some stage of a building/refurbishment project – and body with a really stunning range of Art-To-Wear designers that it would take hours (and then some) of web-searching to otherwise find.  As with a lot of studio art designers, plus sizes and non-conventional body shapes are well catered for … love that!

I’m linking to a few of the items that I loved but go across and look for yourselves and let me know what you find.

Matte Jersey Tunic by Planet Clothing
Striped Cardigan by Planet Clothing
Orchid Blouse by Michael Kane
Silk Tunic by Carol Lee Shanks
Blanket Coat by Ariel Bloom
Arashi Shawl by Anne Vincent
Pleated Wrap by Laura Hunter
Scribble Earrings by Sydney Lynch
Mezzo Cuff by Pat Flynn

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