Kedem Sassoon, Plus Size Designer

Kedem Sassoon

I’ve been reading a little about Israeli designer, Kedem Sassoon, this past week and, looking him up on Google, I like his style.

With a plus-size wife, he apparently designs with her in mind and what’s not for the rest of us plus-size peeps to like about that?  Sadly, his own website seems a little (er, 2-3 years) out of date and I can’t find much of his for sale online.

There’s a few pieces at Fawbush’s who have a site, new to me, with a whole page of reasonable plus-size product.  There are one or two more items on a few of those irritatingly, to me, artily quirky websites with rubbish search functions, descriptions and photography and that’s it.

Anyone else know where there is a wider selection of Kedem Sassoon sold online?  Do let me know …

Kedem Sassoon Spring 2013

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