Ivan Grundahl F/W 2014

Iva Grundahl F/W 2014
Ivan Grundahl Fall/Winter 2014

I looked up the Ivan Grundahl Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, on the Copenhagen Fashion Week site, today – another of my favourite designer brands.

And, it’s just fab-u-lous.  All the images I’ve used here are to be found in the CFC Ivan Grundahl Runway Images section and there are many more besides. I encourage you to click on the link and take a look.

The styling of The Ivan Grundahl collection is, generally, very forgiving to those with less than conventional needs, shapes and sizes.  And, I totally love the knitwear, flat boots, fairy skirt combo’s – brings to mind Isabelle Adjani in Subway, wearing furs, ball gowns and a Mohican.  I cannot believe that film is from nearly thirty years ago and. yet … I am still smitten with the same goth-chic look:

Isabelle Adjani in Subway
Isabelle Adjani in Subway

Moving back on to the now, to my delight, the Ivan Grundahl site has introduced an online web-shop for those of us unable to access other stockists.  The range in the web-shop seems to be a limited selection of the full range but, hopefully, there will be more soon.  There is at least some of the fab knitwear, trousers and accessories – love the bags – which are a trademark of every collection.


_dsc0739 _dsc0800 _dsc0864 _dsc0893 _dsc0906 _dsc0932 _dsc1033

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