Spring, Style, Sanity?

Sister By Sibling A/W 2013

Every sane person is looking out of their window enjoying the longer, milder days that we are experiencing and relishing the thought that Spring is imminently upon us.  Whilst I cannot speak for everyone else,  I am one of the crazy few with one eye on the various fashion week shows, currently in progress, seriously craving winter woolies … yes, really.

Have totally fallen in love with these mad, ridiculous woolly tea-cosy type offerings from Sisters By Sibling that have been all over the place recently and subject to much derisory laughter and comment from the sane majority – can’t imagine why!

And, I totally care not.  I’ve even spotted the must-have garments for the man in my life, below … er, no, of course he hasn’t seen them yet … but he’s going to love them, no?

Sister By Sibling Menswear A/W 2013

Plus-Size Woolly Wheelchair Style … are you with me?  It will be all the rage in six months.  You heard it here first …

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