Friday treat: celebrate the humour in disability with Stickman Communications

Welly Walks
Stickman Communications

Illustrator Hannah Ensor, of Stickman Communications, likes to celebrate the fun in life – in her life, your life, everybody’s life.  Drawing initially from her own experiences of having a ‘perfectly normal’ bendy body, she shares the ‘funny’ with charm and unerring accuracy through her Stickmen product range which includes illustrated books, cards, stickers etc..  She says:

So many things relating to disability seem aimed at people with no sense of style or humour. Afraid to admit difference – or totally boring about it.

Let’s face it, life with disability is full of humour, where conventionality is a myth, political correctness is an accident, difference is normal and life is eternally absurd.

Children and adults love her refreshingly joyous take on things that are ‘normal’ to some but less so to others – using a wheelchair, sticks, crutches, body popping … you know, the usual ‘unusual’ stuff …

Hannah Ensor
A Hannah Ensor Illustration

Is there a better way to introduce anyone, gently but humourously, to the idea that  we are all the same but different than through Hannah’s fabulous illustrations? (Of course I’m biased – have you seen the +Black illustrations?)

Happy Christmas
Have a Cool Yule

The perfect treat: Stickman Communications in your Christmas Stocking.

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  1. spashionistareport

    Love these! Everyone is so terrified of being politically incorrect towards the disabled that they won’t ask any questions to try and understand life from a disabled perspective. I think this does both parties involved a huge disservice.These drawings are a great icebreaker.

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