Good-looking Bags: For Wheelchair Users too …

Barbara I Gongini Bag
Barbara I Gongini Bag

I’m always looking out for bags that look great and work for me in the wheelchair.

If I need access to a bag, I want hands free, non-dangling and flat so I am able to see where I’m going.  If it will double up and carry bigger stuff too, I want to be able to hook it to the back of my wheelchair so it isn’t knocking things over as I go or hitting the wheels or, worse, dragging on the ground.

Today, I became aware that quite a few of the bags I am liking at the moment are by Barbara I Gongini:

Barbara I Gongini graduated from the Danish Design School’s Institute of Unica Design in 1996 and went on to launch her eponymous label in 2005.  Over the course of her career, Gongini has been involved in the fashion world via numerous design-related activities and committees as well as through collaboration with artists in music, photography and film.  She has also received various design awards.  Based in Copenhagen, Gongini’s avant-garde line of womenswear takes a very conceptual and experimental approach to clothing. (from stockist, Henrik Vibskov Boutique)

There is a Barbara I Gongini site as well and Farfetch showcase her work via their hub for independent boutiques. Take a look and let me know if, as an idea, this works for you.

Barbara I Gongini Bag

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