Freelance designer/maker wanted to assist with start-up plus size collection …

Finding someone to help with designing and manufacture for a plus-size start up collection isn’t easy, is it?

My preference is to find someone I know, or through contacts I know, but that is taking time – obviously time well spent to get the right person but at the moment I am doing a lot of waiting around for contacts and sources to be followed through. I do think this will yield the right result but patience is not my strong suit.

Whilst I wait, searching the web is another obvious route and there are a couple of hubs around where services may be bought and sold either for the short or longer term depending on the project and other variables. I am considering this option but my innate cautiousness has held me back … mostly. I did go so far as to draft up a short brief that I am considering putting out there just in case my contacts don’t pan out though I am not expecting to be inundated with responses – plus sizes seems to be of little interest to many designer/manufacturers unless in huge volumes but, hey, gotta start somewhere:

+ individual style for inspiring women +

New plus size label aimed at the huge, growing, numbers of women, aged over 40, undergoing lifestyle changes and desperately searching for well-designed, good quality clothing and accessories that does not make them look and feel like a – very mature – teenager!

We are looking for a designer/maker to assist with the development of a small, start up, range of stylish clothing that will be easy to wear, comfortable, made in natural fabrics, in the UK.  The focus of the garment offer is to be based on good design, simple styling and great quality in three sizes – equivalent to 18/20, 22/24, 26/28.

We are looking to develop a core collection with perennial design appeal, evolving with demand, that women will wear and keep coming back for more, with an emphasis on good quality key essentials for any wardrobe. Our ethos: “Yes. That’s it. I like to dress very simply…”

Are you:

An experienced freelancer who can take our ideas from a basic drawing / photo and produce accurate patterns and samples before taking us to production (with market testing in spring 2013 to launch of first real collection release for A/W 2013).

Willing to help us with up to a dozen designs for our initial test launch in fabrics comprising principally cotton and cotton-blend jersey.

Used to, or interested in, exploring ideas, providing suggestions, on how best to produce plus size samples and low volume manufacture in the UK.

Sensitive to the potential for development on our project in the future, making us particularly interested in hearing from people with relevant experience and maybe looking to grow their own freelance business. We are London based but open to working with you anywhere in the UK subject to further discussions.


We are a start up business but really do understand that you need to make a living and live a life so talk with us.  We are open to negotiation.

And that’s where I’ve got to. Sigh. What we really want is someone who is as passionate about our project as we are and really invested in the quality of the product they will be developing with us.  We so do not want to be ‘just a job’ or part of a sweat shop portfolio. But I guess this makes us much like any other start up business out there.  I absolutely know I need to keep looking in all directions until I feel that I’ve met the right person … it’s just that the time it takes is a slightly dispiriting period.  Aagh!  What did I expect?  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.


  1. Halina Czerniak

    Your message was passed onto me by Debbie Bhowmik.
    I’m a designer / tech /etc and and have worked on Evans , Size Up , Mackays Plus accounts.
    Based in Richmond… perfect ?!
    Please e-mail me if interested.
    Kind Regards

  2. muhammad a

    im dying hard to prove my talent. Me & my spouse work on different designs and age. She is a master tailor wid cutting and stich. i do hv few designs as mentioned in on the site. Kindly reply for further action.

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