Slide-on bracelets

Continuing on a theme of dexterity, Athena, a good friend, has a degree of arthritic impairment in her hands.  As with many such problems, the degree of impairment ebbs and flows but has been consistently bad enough that she has struggled with clasps and fastenings.  Athena likes her sparkly things and, being a woman of some initiative, used to solving her own problems, she logged on.

Quickly finding crystals, pearls, glass beads and Swarovski spangles, when she was able, she started to make a few simple bracelets and necklaces that she was able to slide on and off.  Not too expensive, very pretty and easy to get on and off.  Problem solved.

To her surprise, other people liked the simplicity of her designs and began to ask her to make some for them.  She went to a local craft fair and sold there.  A few commissions came her way.  Lots of her customers chatted about their own dexterity problems and jewellery fastenings.  More people than you might imagine are looking for solutions to this problem.

Here are two examples of Athena’s designs.  If you like them and want to find out more, call Athena direct on m: 07754 589 002 or contact her through me: send an email via the Plus Black website or via a message in the comments box below.  I will pass your interest and enquiries on to Athena.

If you are aware of other products that might help people with dexterity problems, please pass any details on to me.  If I like them, I’ll feature them on +Black.

Any other comments are always welcome too.

Athena Black pattern
Black pattern bracelet
Athena Red Bead
Red Bead bracelet

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