Design desire unrequited

OK, my design ideas are not hugely original:

I want beautiful basic tops in good fabrics – pima cotton for day, more flexible for socialising –  in black, available all year round, in plus sizes to 4x (US) or size 28 (UK).  Same for trousers/pants with a yoga style waistband – nice and smooth, no bunching, digging, pockets, pinching or gathering – with a wide-leg, boot-cut and narrow-leg.  How hard can this be?

Incredibly, is the answer!

The bane of my life are patterns, bows, diamante and colour, closely followed by rayon, polyester, viscose and nylon and compounded by short body length, short sleeves, sticky-out pockets, frills, cuffs and poor fit!

Seasonally, all but winter are a nightmare as getting black is unbelievably difficult.

Price points, quickly become prohibitive for daily wear – £100 for a t-shirt that will be pulled to pieces by carers and wheelchair abuse and being thrown in the washing machine.

Design Like:




Eileen Fisher


But … high prices, impractical fabrics, rarely in black, scarce in sizes above 20.

Regularly look at both Oska and Walkers of Pottergate but again, limited styles in plus sizes and in black and high price points.  I got my favourite top of this summer from Box 2 who do 14-28 sizes in European designers but even they do mostly synthetics.  There are some Ebay shops, a few mass marketeers, some more online European sites like Yoek and Navabi as well as designers with glitz like Anna Scholz or specific design like 1647.

It’s relatively easy to find nice things for occasional wear but man, basic black, well designed, well made, reasonably priced every day leisure wear  – needle in haystack!

In a country where c.10m females are size 16 and over, I just keep thinking that I cannot be the only plus size person desperate for good quality black basics.  I want to translate my ideas to reality … I need a designer, any offers?

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