Thinking hard …

Feeling dispirited at the weekend, I flipped through my emails and clicked into New Arrivals from Navabi – one of my favourite European plus-size online shops.

They have a huge choice in design and sizes and I quickly started clocking items that I might be wanting to buy but, ya know, it was the last weekend of the Olympics and I got distracted.

Pondering my +Black idea, in the early hours of the morning, I began to wonder if it was worth bothering at all – maybe people just like searching all over the place for things and it’s not like impossible to find stuff in natural fibres (mostly), in black (in autumn/winter anyway) and in my – and your – size.  If I am able to hunt about, other people probably are fine with it too…

Like me, they have regular places to go, designers they search out … my favourite designer of the moment – and sold on the Navabi site as well as on Idaretobe – is Yiannis Karitsiotis but both trousers and top that I might have bought were already sold out.  For crying out loud – it’s the second week of August and these items are already sold out!  Hard to imagine hordes are buying winter wear in early August but  …

This afternoon, I went back onto Navabi and several of the items I wanted to buy – we’re talking plain black, cotton and cotton-rich t-shirts here at around £100 per item – were sold out in my size.  I couldn’t believe it – 48 Hours Later … like my own little horror movie.  I don’t know about you but I just cannot make up my mind that quick!  I need to ponder and think about my buys but in my size, in black, in cotton … you can’t hang about!

Jeez.  And there it was – the reason for +Black’s seed of existence.  Perennially available, stylish, black, natural fabrics … gotta find me a designer …

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