Lauren Cashmere from Egg Trading Online

Egg Trading Online

One of the most fun shops to visit in London for unique, idiosyncratic, stylish womenswear is Egg, 36 Kinnerton Street, London SW1X 8ES.

To give you a flavour of the experience, from their About page (click the link to read in full):

egg makes and sells timeless, simple clothes, accessories and objects. Drawing on traditional skills from around the world it is not about fashion, but about the pure enjoyment of shapes, colour, materials and making.

In two collections a year, inspiration may come from a found photograph, a child’s crayon or a poem. Disparate thoughts begin a process of research and design: ultimately a journey to find the perfect makers of yarn, fabric, dye and garments …

Started in 1994 by Maureen Doherty, Egg were quite late to the online party. I imagine they found the click-and-buy process somewhat lacking in comparison to their brand of In-Real-Life (IRL) bricks-and-mortar retailing:

Visitors to Kinnerton Street find a shop at once calming and stimulating. egg is welcoming in a way that shops used to be. Clothes, pots, books, boots, scarves, bags, jewels, pencils and the odd jar of flowers are organised, or piled, throughout the rooms of the shop. Clothes on hooks, rails and stacks invite investigation and touch. egg is as tactile as it is visual. When coffee is made upstairs, taste and smell are added to the mix.

egg has always been a haven. Not only an essential stop-off while in the centre of London, but a place for young makers and designers to experiment. It is the juxtaposition of craft and colour, youth and experience, giggling and learning that makes egg so appealing.

However, unable to stand against the tide, egg did go online a few years ago: Egg Trading being the site.

I was pretty happy about this as the Kinnerton Street shop, lovely as it is, is not very wheelchair friendly but the original egg website, in trying to be individual, strayed a bit too far on to the weirdly quirky side for my liking.

I’d look occasionally, tempted by a mail shot, but quickly tired of trying to find items I wanted to actually buy.

And now, here’s the good news … finally, you may be thinking.

Very recently, Egg Trading has been revamped into a lovely, user friendly experience – a site with product you can see and maybe even buy.

As you’ll be able to glean from the images here – and many more on the website – there is always a good selection of styles and shapes which will work on body types that are less than conventional – for those of us who are plus-sizes, wheelchair users or who need some flexibility in the clothes they wear – as well as always having the style we’d like to take for granted.

Unique style, beautiful fabrics, wearable fit – what’s not to love?

Egg Trading

Square Jacket from Egg Trading Online
Square Jacket from Egg Trading Online
Baggy Short Bottoms from Egg Trading Online
Baggy Short Bottoms from Egg Trading Online
Maisy dress from Egg Trading
Maisy dress from Egg Trading Online
Ivy Shirt from Egg Trading Online
Ivy Shirt from Egg Trading Online
Olive Dress and Jane Scarf from Egg Trading Online
Olive Dress and Jane Scarf from Egg Trading Online

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