IZ Adaptive Clothing – thoughtful, design-aware – surprisingly excellent.

IZ Adaptive Clothing
IZ Adaptive Clothing

I am usually pretty rude about adaptive wear but there is one glowing exception to the rule that all adaptive wear is  … (fill in your own blank).  The only, so far as I am able to see, adaptive wear site that is comprehensive in its’ scope, thoughtful in design, considerate of style and presentation and reasonably priced is IZ Adaptive Clothing.

I first became aware of the IZ site some years ago and thought it was an interesting idea but saw nothing I would want to buy at the time.  Finding them again, this year, I was really impressed at how both the product and website have continued to evolve. This short extract from the IZ website explains what they are about:

Fashion innovator Izzy Camilleri broke new ground with what is the world’s first line of everyday adaptable clothing for a “seated” clientele.  The IZ Collection features modern and sophisticated pieces for both women and men who use a wheelchair, many of them under the age of 25 and yearning for access to style not readily available in the marketplace – until now. IZ Adaptive offers fashionable casual, professional, and formal wear that makes wheelchair users feel both empowered and proud. The line celebrates both body and spirit, and provides a seated client the freedom to finally define their own personal style.Each piece is cut to follow the line of the seated body, with strategic zipper placement accommodating specific needs.

Izzy employs couture-like workmanship to her collections with a keen attention to detail that has secured her the position as one of Canada’s pre-eminent designers and also earned her Designer of the Year in 2006 …  

The IZ Collection [caters for] the seated clientele [who] now have access to style that they’ve never had before.

Their clothes are not cutting edge nor high-end fashion but if you need decent looking, well made, adaptive wear, I’d definitely go across to the IZ Adaptive Clothing website.  The prices are not prohibitive and sizes go up to a 22 (c.UK size 26). They seem to have more experience than most in this area, have put a lot of thought into design and have even managed to make Youtube videos on fitting adaptive wear look good – amazing!

The bad news, if you live in the UK, is that the company is based in Canada though they will ship.  They are, apparently, very receptive to queries and very helpful when contacted.

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