Maitre Choux Eclair

Maitre Choux

I used to like treats on Fridays, you know, after a long week.  Now, I’m  needing Monday treats just to get up and face the week ahead.

Featured in The Times at the weekend, I’m thinking a trip to the newly opened Maitre Choux in South Kensington where they sell beautifully designed sweet treats, like the eclair above, might be in order.  Stunning, n’est-ce pas?

Or maybe a few of the delightful-looking Choux Rocher, below:

They are choux pastry filled with cream, wrapped in chocolate and almonds/hazelnuts. We have dark chocolate and dulce (caramelized white chocolate).

Yum.  Don’t think I am able to function until I try some … Is that weak?  If so, I truly do not care …

The Choux Rocher
The Choux Rocher


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