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Gifts: Playing Cards

If, like D, your workplace does an annual ‘Secret Santa’ gift-giving with a c.£15 gift limit and, like D, you are left scratching your head for a gift that is not, in effect, the equivalent of tearing up the money and throwing it in the trash, this beautiful set of playing cards by Playing Arts might be a solution at just $12.95 plus $8 shipping from Digital Abstract.  (I bought 2 packs, one for us).

Globe’s Finest say of them:

The Playing Arts revealed a series of cards made by 54 top illustrators, artists and designers over the world. Newfren (Chile), Gary Fernández (New York), Raul Urias (Mexico), Chuck Anderson (Chicago), Joshua Davis (New York) and Sara Blake (New York) are just a handful of them.

The talented artists involved were invited to create the world’s most unique deck of playing cards. From the two of clubs by Tang Yau Hoong (Malaysia) to the ace of diamonds by Jordan Debney (New Zealand), each creator has illustrated a single card in their own individual style, technique and inspiration. The end result is an amazing beautiful, sophisticated and funny collector’s cards.

See all the designs on the Playing Arts site.

Ha, my work is done for this year, Secret Santa success, I think …

Playing Arts Playing Cards
Playing Arts, Playing Cards

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