The Raw Beauty Project

Raw Beauty

I really love the beautiful image, above, of Wendy Crawford in her wheelchair. It is part of the Raw Beauty project who state that:

Raw Beauty NYC” is an innovative visual arts project designed to inspire the public to create new perceptions, transform stereotypes and breakthrough personal obstacles by expanding awareness of women with physical challenges. This photography exhibit is a collaboration between photographers and twenty women living with various types of disabilities that showcases their beauty, empowerment and sensuality. The audience glimpses into the lives of these incredible women through photography and biography.

Great idea and some fab photography.  I encourage you to click across and have your own perceptions about women, wheelchairs and beauty challenged.

Or you might start by looking at the short Youtube video, below, where some of the participants in the project talk about their involvement.

I watched the Raw Beauty video in the same week as another video, Philophiles, the second video below, made for Nowness.  The contrast between the two is marked.

Conventionally beautiful and unconventionally so … There’s room for both of course but I definitely prefer Beauty in the Raw … You?

Read my first thoughts about why The Raw Beauty Project is such a great idea on my Stiletto Wheels blog.

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