Friday Treat: Loree Rodkin Jewellery

Loree Rodkin Jewellery
Loree Rodking Jewellery

I’m calling this a Friday treat because I love these Loree Rodkin kuckle rings but when I saw the price … well, let’s just say, someone would need to be treating me big time to buy me one of these.

If you, like me, haven’t heard of Loree Rodkin, take a look at Net-A-Porter, one of the few UK sites where you can find a few items from her jewellery collection, or Browns, another UK stockist, who say:

Loree Rodkin produces the most iconic fine jewellery which blurs the distinction between modern and medieval. Noted as a non-conformist visionary, her artisan engraving, ornate decoration and impeccable embellishment is done so by hand for that intimate immediacy. White gold with black rhodium plate and a lavish use of diamonds are just two of Rodkin’s signatures that mark her treasures with unbridled decadence.

And, of course, it’s always worth looking at Farfetch where, world-wide high-end stores peddle their high-end wares to great effect and you will find more Loree Rodkin in stock.  This Loree Rodkin Snake Ring (with diamonds!), £19,315 on Farfetch, is one of my favourite pieces.

Loree Rodkin on FarFetch
Loree Rodkin Snake Ring on Farfetch

With prices from £3,000 to above £30,000, I cannot imagine Loree Rodkin’s bling will be nestling down in my jewellery collection any time soon but a girl can dream of a treat, no …?

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