Bailey’s Stardust, NPG

Bailey's Stardust HPG
Manolo Blahnik & Marie Helvin by David Bailey

I’m hoping to go along to the Bailey’s Stardust exhibition opening this week at the National Portrait Gallery (NPG).

As a young teen, I remember yearning to look like Marie Helvin and when I saw her – whilst working in Harrods – she was jaw-droopingly stunning.  People actually stood aside to watch her pass … so amazingly tall, slim and beautiful.  Like nothing most of us see in the flesh …

Being blonde and blue eyed, as well as somewhat more normal in height and build, I had no chance of emulating her look but, hey, I can dream … and wallow in a moment or two of youthful nostalgia at the NPG.

It looks like many other icons will be there to see, on the walls if not in person.  The NPG is a brilliantly accessible venue as is their restaurant on the top floor – reasonable food, good views.  Maybe I shall see you there?

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