Ziad Ghanem

Zaid Ghanem A/W 2014 RTW
Ziad Ghanem

I really hadn’t quite finished with being inspired by the Paris Haute shows … and then I saw these stunning images from Ziad Ghanem on one of my favourite blogs: Cool Chic Style Fashion.

Art. Fashion. Fun. Style.  All in one electrifying hit.

There’s more to see on the Ziad Ghanem site, including a bio and both current and earlier collections.  The films seem to give a contemporary update to the ’80’s Blitz-Kids Clubbers, with a bit of Baz thrown in, playing with people, gender and shapes.  I love the whole eclectic, multi-cultural splurge of wild colour, look and influence.  The more recent collections seem to contain all of that with more of a nod to actual wearability.

Fantastic.  Do let me know if you like.

Zaid Ghanem a/w 2014/14
Ziad Ghanem
Ziad Ghanem A/W 2014/15 RTW
Ziad Ghanem

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