Wishing For A Party Dress

Oscar de la Renta on Plus Black blog

Trying to decide on what to buy as Christmas gifts for those who help me all year and, man, at the moment, it’s making my head hurt.

I want to say thank you so much for all you do, have a lovely holiday season and not make anyone feel like they have to get me something back.  This usually translates into a delectable something in food and drink.

Am currently dithering over Fortnum’s biscuits with a prosecco/cassis combo for Kir Royale’s; a wine/cheese option; fizz/salted caramel choc’s choice or … gods, I don’t know …

Must be time to look at something pretty, pretend I have my young, carefree, party lifestyle back and covet this beautiful dress from last week’s Financial Times in How To Spend It (er, I didn’t have a ton of financial responsibilities then either …!).  I would have looked good in this – preferably in black tho’.  Happy days.

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