The Old Ladies Rebellion

Old Ladies Rebellion on Plus Black Blog

The Old Ladies Rebellion: what a fantastic name for an online shop.  Linked via the Advanced Style posting on Bridget Sojouner, I went across to take a look.  I like it … a lot.

From the About page:

Born in France, Fanny Karst spent part of her childhood in London. After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2007 and a year spent at Chittleborough & Morgan in Savile Row, she set up The Old Ladies Rebellion in 2009.

Pursuing her generational revolution to prove one can be elegant and cool at any age.

The classic silk dresses combine elements of the Savile Row craftsmanship with digital prints that can be ordered and fitted.

Love the aged models who look great.  Really like the simplicity of style combined with a kick from the graphics.  Both flattering and easy to wear whilst still looking good.

More important to ageing and, often, unconventional shapes, might be the ability to part bespoke an item,  For plus sizes, those of us with illnesses and/or disabilities, a huge problem with off-the-shelf retail is poor fit and styling.

It is, as I know, prohibitively difficult and expensive to commission an entirely bespoke personal design and make product but this kind of semi-bespoke online retail option will be a welcome viable alternative.  Of course, it is not, and never will be, a cheap option but many prefer to buy less in a better quality fit/style.  This is for us.

The Old Ladies Rebellion is a welcome addition to the few, but increasing numbers, providing a more interesting product choice to the expanding ageing female demographic.  I wish them every success.

All the images I’ve included here are current on the site, so do go across and take a look if you’re interested.  Would love to know what you think.

Old Ladies Rebellion on Plus Black Blog

Old Ladies Rebellion on Plus Black Blog

Old Ladies Rebellion on Plus Black Blog

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