Franck Sorbier’s Demi-Monde Haute Couture

Frank Sorbier Haute Couture on  Fashionising
Franck Sorbier Haute Couture F/W 2014 via Fashionising

Interesting reading on Blouin ArtInfo: Franck Sorbier Channels … about the influences and techniques behind his latest Haute Couture collection:

Titled “Poemes,” the collection, presented July 9, was a succession of long, sensual dresses of floral lace or delicate, hand-painted organza. The designer patch-worked vintage silk fabric and laces, woven ribbons, and embroidered raffia, and used his compression technique on fabrics to create languorous eveningwear that harked back to a bygone era …

I do love a thought through zeitgeist in an Haute collection as I’m not sure Haute Couture has a purpose other than to provide inspiration in fashion.  So, it’s lovely to see a designer waving his magic wand.  As the Blouin piece says, this is not a commercial collection but a beautifully creative and cultured one.  Who wouldn’t want to be transported, by a sprinkling of fairy dust, to:

the Parisian Belle Epoque [with] its beautiful courtesans, set against [a] grand, atmospheric and theatrical boudoir hall.

I appreciate the art, though this is not my kinda personal style aesthetic, and shall stay alert for the Franck Sorbier F/W Haute Couture Youtube video to be posted – likely to be the closest I get to the Paris demi-monde in this lifetime.

Click link to read full piece in Blouin ArtInfo: Franck Sorbier Channels 19th Century Demi-Monde.

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