Friday Treat: Cakes and Tea America

Tea America on Plus Black Blog
Oatmeal Cream Pie by Tea America

Just look at these yummy bite size edibles from Tea America which would be a fab treat to bring along or roll out at home over the holiday period.  Perfect for when you’re seeing peeps and are too busy, too tired or a rubbish baker yourself.

Tea America are based in Islington, London and, from their Our Story page, say:

After moving to London from Kansas City, Missouri in 2009, April Brinkoetter quickly realised Britain’s passion for cakes and adopted the tradition of afternoon tea herself. Over time she saw that traditional British cakes and cupcakes were the mainstay of the cake scene and felt an urge to bring to the UK her own family’s passion for home baking and entertaining. Using hand-me-down American recipes she has created a line of cakes that reflect those baked in her family since 1958, and has shaped them into miniature structures so that they are perfect for entertaining and sharing and, most importantly, so that you can try multiple flavours …

A few product images are here; more on the Tea America site.  Too Pretty for more words.

Order a small (16 mini cakes), large (32 mini cakes) or bespoke box, drop by for pick up or have them delivered … be kind to yourself this party season and indulge in Tea America.  Enjoy.

Key Lime Pie
Peanut Butter Cookies


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