Awkward Feet: Maiko Dawson Shoes

Maiko Dawson Shoes
Maiko Dawson Shoes

I make no apologies for featuring Maiko Dawson Shoes for a second time because the lovely Maiko is going to make me some beautiful black suede mules which will finally replace my shabby old Halflinger slippers that I’ve been wearing everyday for years and have been falling apart for ages.

Yay, result.  Am totally doing a Happy-Dance here in my wheelchair.

Maiko came across to my home last week, measured my – horribly swollen – feet and said she could do exactly what I want … and all for a very reasonable price especially compared with my last pair of (hated) bespoke shoes that have always hurt my feet and are going to outlive me!  The only thing I ever liked about these bespoke shoes was the inner sole in a rich emerald green colour that kinda makes my soul sing but … Is there anything more miserable – in style terms – than paying a fortune for something you hate that will never wear out?  I think not.

So, lesson learned, back to Maiko.  We agreed on a pair of mules much like these but all in the deepest darkest plain black suede, no contrast trim:

Meant for Me
Fabulous Slippers
Fabulous Maiko Dawson Slippers

And I am quietly optimistic for the first time in my wheelchair-feet history.

I do understand that when you have awkward feet, it will be difficult to buy shoes – jeez, it’s difficult getting comfortable good-looking shoes when you have normal feet, isn’t it?  But I also desperately needed some kind of stylish option as well as a good fit.

With Maiko, I really think that will be possible.  We agreed to start with the mules and see what works and what doesn’t.  We will adapt and amend and, yay again, I might even be able to get some shoes as well at a later date.  Shoes and slippers that fit, don’t hurt and look good.  Bliss … just a few weeks away.  Happy Days.


  1. Spashionista

    I’m not getting my email notices of your posts – boo – I’ve missed your wonderful insights 😦
    I’ll try to play catch up this week. I’m very excited to see your new slippers. I struggle with footwear, too. The older I get the wider my feet get and the more inclined my toes are to curl up in my shoes. I exercise my feet to keep the tendons stretched and pliable.


    1. Elle@plusblack

      Thanks, Alicia. Think you moved to Blogger, yes? That’s probably why no emails. I used to pick you up on WordPress Reader but now get you via Bloglovin’ or Twitter, both of which I only check intermittently so, I too have missed you.

      Slippers, yes … so excited! Will post some photos if they look as fab as I hope … 😀

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