Philip Simmonds Sculptural Ceramics

Birthday Presents: Longevity Matters?

It is D’s birthday in a few weeks and I just cannot make up my mind what to get him.

I’ve been perusing all the new arrivals in mens fashion because D is so easy to buy for in terms of clothes, hats, in fact, all manner of goodies physical.  Really, that’s the easy, instant pleaser at whatever £££ you might want to spend.

However, I have always loved these Philip Simmonds pots which are, as you might expect for an object of beauty, not cheap.  A small, old, endowment policy is maturing in the next few weeks – an unexpected financial bounty given how poorly endowments have performed generally.  I had mentally written the policy off as it was a top-up for a mortgage long since paid off but, hey, looks like it will yield a little money –  enough for a Philip Simmonds pot which I could have inscribed with a poem for D.

My romantic soul yearns to purchase pot and give a beautiful gift with longevity.  My more practical side is thinking that I am the person who loves the garden – D is inclined to close the doors and look from inside to out, saying, ‘yeah pretty…’, on an infrequent basis. So am I buying for D or me?  It’s not like we don’t have other financial priorities to meet.

But the money was not in our budget and these pots speak the language of love to me … What to do: go with the practical or the aesthetic sense?  I have about a week to make up my mind.  What would you do?

Philip Simmonds Sculptural Ceramics
Philip Simmonds Sculptural Ceramics

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