Eye, See, The Future …

Over the weekend, I noticed an interesting promotion of sunglasses from Karen Walker using the more … mature model wearing the latest in sunglasses design and style for Spring/Summer 2013.  Allied to an article in the Financial Times – Luxury profits from baby boomers: glasses are the new handbags – discussing the impact baby-boomer spending is having in catapulting certain items hither-to seen as necessities into luxuries (it’s behind a paywall, sorry):

[baby boomers] are effectively a big chunk of consumers who need glasses. And not only do they need more glasses, because there are more of them, but they need them earlier (we all do, actually), as our love affair with screens large and small is playing havoc with the eyes.

And not only THAT, but, thanks to our training with handbags, they are also geared toward thinking of functional/technical objects on the body as accessories: ie, expressions of personal identity that should be changed accordingly. So instead of just buying one pair of reading/bifocals, they buy lots!

Ha!  Who isn’t seeing £££’s in unexpected consumables in our all of our near futures … still waiting on the compression stockings … incontinence aids etc..  Maybe in another decade or so …

Would love to know of other such marketing initiatives …. let me know if you see any?

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