Gary John 'Groovy Chix' 2015, on 1stDibs

Street Artist: Gary John

Lovin’ me some street art today – spotted Gary John’s ‘Groovy Chix’ on 1stDibs, above right, which would look brilliant hanging in my, soon-to-be double-height top-floor, studio. So excited about the new house plans.

So, not very ‘street’ on my part – yes, it’s an auction site – but I take my art where I can find it these days and online is a pretty fertile hunting ground for, er, everything.

I’d not heard of Gary John before and here’s a brief biography from the Artspace Warehouse in LA:

Gary John has been a street artist since 1985. Originally from Seattle, Washington, he moved to Venice Beach, Los Angeles in 2004 and began selling on the boardwalk.

His street artworks have a whimsical quality, inspired by classic cartoon and comic book characters rendered with acrylic paint in a bold graffiti style, on newspaper, magazine pages or cardboard.

Fun. Runway Triptych, below, is another of my favourites.

Click on the links above to see more of Gary John’s work.

I hope it makes you smile  🖤

Gary John 'Runway Triptych' 2015, on 1stDibs
Gary John ‘Runway Triptych’ 2015, on 1stDibs


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