Osanna Visconti Nail Bracelet

Weekend Bling: Osanna Visconti

Ooh, pretty things …  I’m not hugely into jewellery except for earrings and not even those so much now that I am so housebound.  I would feel like a right prat wheeling around at home alone, in my plain black tops/pants, wearing huge dangly earrings so, guess what? I don’t do it.  Added to which, most jewellery is so fiddly that I just can’t be hassled with it.

However, these chunky pieces of bling for the wrist, neck and ear … oh, yes, I could do these as could any plus size, wheelchair using, normally abnormal, fed up, mid-life, person who needs to brighten up their life and style just for kicks and giggles (yes, I have substituted the usual swear word here as I have an aversion to swearing in print which is ludicrous really as anyone who knows me would confirm my vocabulary comfortably encompasses day-to-day profanity).

Osanna Visconti … lovin’ it.  Take a look at the Osanna Visconti web site for stockists near you if you like too.  More images to follow; tell me what you think …

Osanna Visconti Ocean Bracelet
Osanna Visconti Ocean Bracelet

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