Query on blogging: original or not?

The Fabulous Beartix Ost

Whilst you enjoy this photo of the fabulous Beatrix Ost – who is all over the place lately, not least on the Advanced Style blog – perhaps you would turn your mind to my current problem and give me some advice?

I have been thinking about a incorporating a couple of new elements to my blog and lo!  What do you know?  Someone else got there before me.

I know this person’s blog, loosely follow it and am aware they drop by my blog on occasion, but their style is very different from my own.  The similarity, or copying aspect, here would be one of structure rather than content.

I’ve had the idea(s) for a while but hadn’t got round to execution because I was pondering whether to DIY it or, for the first time ever, pay a professional to do it.  Should be a no-brainer on this as I always DIY but, lately, health and domestic issues have been pressing heavily on my time and abilities, restricting my development potential and curbing my ambitions.  Whilst I have dithered, others have got on and done and, now?

I just don’t want it to look like I am copying.  I hate when people copy me but, having said that, how many original ideas are there?  It’s hardly surprising that more than one of us come up with similar ideas in terms of presenting our content.  Indeed, the entire web seems to function more and more on the template principle with image and content being the definitive distinguishing criteria whether it be for blogs, e-commerce, businesses or personal sites.

If it works, others will adopt.  We see this in every sphere of life.  Is there any shame in being a follower rather than an originator?  One of my absolute favourite blogs makes no secret of admiring another and going to their source to develop her own ideas.  And, whilst there are clear similarities in structure between the two, the differentiation of style and content makes both entirely unique.  We also see, time and again, instances where those in disparate locations discover the same answers to the same problems independently.  So, who is the originator?  The one who got there first?  Maybe not, if the one who gets there last does a better job.

OK, I seem to have answered my own question.  I shouldn’t be blown from my own course because others have traversed the path before me.  I should have confidence in the distinctiveness of my own interpretation and style.  I am not copying.  I am simply exploring the universe (or, in this instance, the blogosphere) as do we all, seeing and disseminating through mine own eyes.

I could get all philosophical here and wax on about whether we all see blue as blue or square as square but, really, I think I’ve made my point.  Does this kind of problem tax your brain at all?  Have you any words of advice?  Let me know what you think …

More Beatrix Ost in this very short video from Vimeo: 2012 Womenswear Designer Of The Year


  1. Nancy

    Go with your thoughts and if someone has already done something similar so be it. You’re style is unique and that’s what counts x

  2. astimegoesbuy

    You will always bring yourself to it which will make it different. I am inspired by others all the time to push past the limitations I have set for myself but I always bring my perspective or opinion. Looking forward to seeing what new paths you explore!

    1. Elle@plusblack

      Thank you, Laura. I love to share that which inspires me and enjoy inspiration from others too – it’s all that’s great about the blogging community, isn’t it? Long may we all continue to inspire and be inspired. So say we all (er, I think that might be a Battle Star Galactica reference that I slipped in there … yes, I am a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy geek too). 😀 Elle

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