Thinking About Selling Crafts Online?

Taking Time Out To Think
Taking Time Out To Think

I came across this today: How do I sell expensive crafts online? from The Design Trust.  Lots of great tips and advice from craft entrepreneurs.

This is the first visit I’ve made to The Design Trust‘s site and I thought it looked like a brilliant support networking idea. Read about them below.  Go visit their site if you’re interested and let me know what you think.

The Design Trust helps professional designers & craftspeople to create and run better businesses – for themselves, their families and communities, and the world.

We create, recommend and promote a wide range of practical & expert business development information, training, books, products & tools for starting and more established designers and craftspeople across the world:

  • Find up to date listings for business training & opportunities such as call for exhibitions, competitions and commissions – across the UK and international.
  • Browse [for] practical advice and tips for your design or craft business.
  • [Get] The Design Trust Guide To Start & Run A Successful Craft Business – a 62-page e-book that gives you all the practical and expert information that you need. But it is also a work book; asking you some BIG questions, so that you can doodle and write along, developing the business that works for you – in a creative way.
  • [Join] The Design Trust Business Club – our membership for both starting and existing sole traders, freelancers, partnerships and small business owners in design and craft. Members will get exclusive access to The Design Trust Webinars and The Design Trust Dialogues where we talk with a wide range of business experts, people who can help you sell or market your work, and successful designers and crafts people.
  • [Take] The Design Trust Get Clients Now! Coaching programme for designers and makers is an intensive 5 week group programme where you will learn the most effective ways to promote and sell yourself and your business, create your own marketing plan, and then get into action with support from an expert and the group. The programme has 2 online workshops, 5 group coaching calls plus individual feedback and coaching.
  • The Design Trust 2013 Challenge: Join our free challenge that will help you to create the right creative business for you. Every month we create a new challenge that you can do too, and that you can share with other creatives online through our website. 

We are based in London, and we want to create a thriving international design and crafts scene, both financially and culturally.

We are a social enterprise who are really proud to be working in partnership with agroup of 15 partners: a wide range of expert individual advisers and consultants, as well as non profit organisations and commercial business development and events businesses.

Have a look around, get in touch, and spread the word!

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