Isabel Marant trainers – ANO *lightbulb moment* – a possible idea for adaptive footwear?

Isabel Marant Trainers
Isabel Marant Trainers

I saw these trainers in The Times – they were available at Matches online but are now sold out (gulp, at £385 per pair) – and immediately thought … adaptive footwear … yes, that’s right.

Swollen footed people unite.  Big laces, big eyelets, nice & expansive folds of soft, comfortable fabric.  Split up the back, maybe with a bit of – eek, horror – velcro and these would do nicely … but in black, of course.

Alternatively, something like this might work even better:

Isabel Marant Jenny Boots
Isabel Marant Jenny Boots

Same principle – split up the back, forgiving fabric, shrug look.  Maybe need to think on the sole but …

OK, chalk up another couple of ideas on adaptive footwear for future reference … shoe designer/maker, where are you?

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