For times when you need to function and you’re looking for the Holy Grail …

I read an article by Laura Craik, fashion editor of The Times, last week.  She had taken time off to take her daughter to some hospital appointments.  Much to my interest, within her article (it’s behind a paywall so the link may not be accessible), she wrote:

So we had two trips to the hospital …

What has this to do with fashion, you might ask? It reminded me of the clothes that really matter: not the latest wedge heel, the newest coat style, the hottest colour or the coolest bag, but the clothes that take you from nursery drop-off to bus ride to hospital to coffee to school pick-up to pub. It’s that nameless, multifunctional uniform that defies categorisation, just as your day does. And it’s the holy grail.

I can’t think of a snappy name for this uniform, possibly because I have a bad case of WOB (Week-Off Brain), but mainly because it is so nebulous. You could call it “I want to look like I care about fashion, but not in a tragic way”, or “I just want to walk around feeling comfy, with happy feet”, or even “Her website is pretentious, but I must admit Gwyneth has that casual look down pat”. While the tenets of the uniform don’t change much (It must be comfortable. It must be durable. It must be washable), the details do… [LC itemises her 5 must-haves] …

One of the many cool things about taking a week off but not leaving your locale is having the opportunity to observe women: the mums, the students, the home-workers and everyone else whose wardrobe isn’t stymied by office coda. Last week I learnt more about clothes than I did at the shows. The shows are brilliant for fashion, but not the greatest for function. And sometimes function is all that you really want.

Yes, even the fashion cognoscenti occasionally get it – extract below from ‘About Us’ page on this blog:

Stylish clothing – and other product – that is easy to wear, comfortable, in natural fabrics, in the right size and in black for the moments when your lifestyle changes and your confidence needs a boost.  Not rocket science is it?

Well, not if you’re thinking Plus Black!

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