Nomad Atelier Silk Tuxedo Jacket & Cargo Pant Ensemble

Nomad Atelier Cashmere Trouser

High up up on my most visited pages are those about elegantly stylish, beautifully made, clothing for those of us not into quick changing fashion.

That is: women confident in our own style aesthetic, wanting it all to come in black – let’s minimise time where we are able – and willing – I’d go as far to say, preferring – to spend our hard-earned cash on long-term investment dressing even if we do keep a little back for short-term impulse buys.

Women like this, like me, find what we want and just keep buying, as and when we need. We might hunt for a little edge, some small variation, maybe textural interest, possibly be tempted by fabulously tactile fabrics but basically, it’s job done.

We know what suits us and we go and get it, adapting where we have to – for me, that’s included a life change from walking to non-standing wheelchair use, managing chronic illness and subsequent physical impairment. Yet still, I want to look like ‘me’ or as much ‘me’ as I am able.

And, don’t we all? Ageing, illness, circumstance, whatever, we want stylish comfort in our lives. Yes, really, we do … or most of us do.

And, if you do, might I suggest you click across and take a look at Nomad Atelier whom I have featured here before, in 2014, saying:

Nomad Atelier offers grown up clothes for those of us who like just a little edginess in our personal fashion aesthetic but also want our wearing of it to be, fabulous quality, easy …and, of course for me, in the ubiquitous black.

Not inexpensive but a lovely selection of easy-to-wear styles and shapes in beautiful natural fabrics, UK sizes 6-16. And, with the size guide showing up to a UK 20, maybe there is some hope for the plus sized amongst us … goodness, I hope so. I crave this kind of style and quality in properly cut, plus size fashion – it’s almost impossible to find.

I will say that, since then, I have migrated to Rundholz, in the main, for my clothing, as they do some fantastic styling for plus-size figures as well as offering a range that is heavily cotton based jersey which is ideal for the non-standing wheelchair-seated (most wheelchairs feel like an electric blanket against your back and bottom and dressing tends to involve a lot of tugging and entrapment on wheelchair edges). I’ve even been tempted into Cashmere by Rundholz just because I love it so much.

However, if I were still standing, the Nomad Atelier Cashmere Wide Leg Drawn Trouser, £695, that I’m featuring here would be in my wardrobe today. Are they not simply beautiful?

Sadly, a draw string waist, like this, looks like hell when you are permanently seated – too many lumps and bumps so sleek, no pocket, lines are the only style I find acceptable – but, for all you standing types: wallets out, I guess.

Do click the link below to see more items at Nomad Atelier as there are many exquisitely simply styled ‘investment’ pieces to tempt you in a wonderfully monochrome palette.

Enjoy your weekend 💋

The image above is: Nomad Atelier Silk Tuxedo Jacket & Cargo Pant Ensemble, August 2017.

All images courtesy of Nomad Atelier.

Nomad Atelier Cashmere Wide Leg Drawn Trouser £695
Nomad Atelier Cashmere Wide Leg Drawn Trouser £695 – Front
Nomad Atelier Cashmere Wide Leg Drawn Trouser £695
Nomad Atelier Cashmere Wide Leg Drawn Trouser £695 – Side
Nomad Atelier Cashmere Wide Leg Drawn Trouser £695
Nomad Atelier Cashmere Wide Leg Drawn Trouser £695 – Back



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