Tala LED Light Bulb Multiple

Tala’s LED Light Bulb

Still on an interiors stroll, this huge LED Light Bulb from Tala looks rather fabulous, doesn’t it?

I seem to be on a constant lookout for spectacular lighting as I will have a lot of extra hanging space in my new – post project – interiors space. Currently, I’m fearing that I won’t have the funds left to execute my interiors vision but, hey-ho, gotta keep dreaming.

This sparse, but beautiful, LED Light Bulb which is huge, see image above and below for a better idea of scale, might just be within my budget when, if, it goes into production – it was made as part of the London Design Festival showings over the past few weeks.

One, or multiples, of these might work in my home … something to consider, I think.

If you feel it’s a must-have, click across to Tala who seem to be pretty ecologically aware … I like that about them too. There are no images of this over-sized Light Bulb on their site at present but, you know, email & all.

Happy weekend 🖤

Tala LED Light Bulb
Tala LED Light Bulb
Tala LED Light Bulb
Tala LED Light Bulb



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