Nicola Falcone at Artemest: Mirror Lamp Blue Eye

Nicola Falcone at Artemest: Mirror

So, I was scanning the upcoming collections at Paris Fashion Week and, lo, I became totally distracted by an email from Artemest promoting this beautiful Blue Eye Mirror Lamp above right, from Nicola Falcone, who is:

…. an Italian architect and designer born in Basilicata who studied architecture in Florence. He designs his line of contemporary furniture along with Ludwig Hartmann, a German and Ecuadorian designer who also studied in Florence. Their collections are handmade by skilled Tuscan craftsmen and sold throughout the world. These limited-edition pieces are made in materials (such as brass, iron, marble, alabaster, leather, and glass) that are strictly linked to the history of Florence, but their design is contemporary and their allure is timeless.

The Blue Eye Mirror Lamp is not an inexpensive purchase at £5,202 but it has some impact, dontcha think?

There are some other beautiful items by Nicola Falcone on the Artemest site – one of my favourites for all things artisanally (is that a word?) Interior – including the Collana Mirror, below, at a much more reasonable(?!) £2,655.

I shall be adding both of these to my ‘maybe’ list for future reference.

Okay, distraction over: more runway fun from Paris Fashion Week upcoming …

(Interiors will be back very soon as my home refurbishment project’s live phase looms large before me.).

I hope you rock this look for your own home.


Nicola Falcone at Artemest: Mirror Collana
Nicola Falcone at Artemest: Mirror Collana



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