Kusama with Pumpkin, 2010 Courtesy of Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo/ Singapore and Victoria Miro Gallery

Inspirational Women: Yayoi Kasuma

It’s been a while since I’ve even thought about inspiration as life has been somewhat of a drudge of late. It goes like that sometimes, no? Just gotta suck it up and hope for better days to come.

This week, in particular, I’ve been plagued by technical malfunction and unwelcome, time-consuming, interruption to the equanimity of my days so, no meanderings on fashion but recourse to inspiration for mind and body: Yayoi Kasuma.

I’d kept the link to Ten Things You Might Not Know About Yayou Kasuma, from Another Magazine since last year, my attention caught by the fabulous image above. I’d also seen an exhibition at Tate Modern a few years ago on Yayoi Kasuma, finding it really entertaining and interesting.

You know how sometimes you look at art, in one form or another, and think: This persons mind simply works in a different way from mine? And how, stimulating and refreshing that is.

Well … meet Yayoi Kasuma who does it for me – an artist who (in point 2 of Another Magazine’s 10):

… spent the last 37 years in a mental health hospital
After her business as an art-dealer in Japan folded, Kusama began experiencing severe mental health problems and checked herself in to a Japanese hospital where she has lived since 1977. From there, she has continued to create art, publish novels and write poetry, while maintaining a studio near the hospital for her large scale installations.

Click on the link above, read, learn more.

Be Inspired.

And hope for better days to come.

Elle from Plus Black and Stiletto Wheels

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