(Untitled) Pitcher by Kara Walker

Artware Editions

Frequently, at exhibitions and art shows, product merchandising seems to be promoted almost to excess and it really can be a bit of a turn-off, I find.

However, occasionally, it can be rather fun too, particularly if, when you buy, you feel that the product does have some artistic input and the financial benefits are being shared with the artists – we’ve all gotta live, right?  Even Picasso painted on tableware and what fun that must have been to have on your dinner table.

Today, my eye was drawn by some Kehinde Weiley dinnerware, below, available on the Artware Editions site:

Plate Set by Kehinde Wiley
Plate Set by Kehinde Wiley, $525 from Artware Editions

Honestly, I was thinking, “Not sure about that …” but then I moved on, and, yes, I really rather like this site whose commitment is:

‘to featuring functional objects by visual artists … Artware’s philosophy is that artists ask questions and designers resolve them. It is this distinct approach to object-making that allows for a free and creative environment for the artists with whom we collaborate. Though the objects we feature come in a wide range of media they all share two common criteria: utility, and a strong visual and conceptual connection to the artists’ larger bodies of work.

Artware works directly with established and emerging international artists to create an exclusive line of editions. The gallery also collaborates with other producers in the marketplace to provide a curated and thorough inventory of the best artist-designed functional work both new and historical …’

I love the Pitcher, top image above, by Kara Walker which would make me smile on every use and there are a number of other similar such items to bring an appreciative look from many of us art-lovers.  Click across, look for yourselves.  A site to return to for gifts and fun: Artware Editions.

Artists for Azuero Plate Set includes Ruscha, Prince, Lin, Heilmann, Gornick, Fernandez
Artists for Azuero Plate Set includes Ruscha, Prince, Lin, Heilmann, Gornick, Fernandez, $750 from Artware Editions


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