Marley by David Corio

Bob Marley by David Corio

Isn’t this a great photo of Bob Marley by David Corio?

Click across and see more by David Corio online; on Marley, he notes that this image, above was:

[From the] Last London show
Crystal Palace Bowl, London, UK (June 7, 1980)
This was Bob Marley’s last London concert and one of his final shows before his untimely death 10 months later. I’m sure not many people knew of his illness as he performed a stirring two hour show that afternoon. This venue has a lake in front of the stage and as I didn’t own a really long lens I waded into the lake with my camera and a few rolls of film in a carrier bag. I got to the front of the stage where the water was about 4 feet deep and shot from there.
Bob performed in an almost hypnotic trance. Of the three rolls I shot I think he has his eyes open in only two of the photos. He was a shaman dancing, his locks all over his face throughout the show.

David Corio does sell signed prints by arrangement although I first saw this photo at Snap Galleries, specialists in rare and exclusive rock’n’roll photography, who have work by many others too.

Snap Galleries is def’ a place to keep in mind for gifts and I am seriously thinking of buying this Marley as D’s Xmas pressie … brings back memories of one of the best live concerts I ever saw and would love this as a permanent reminder on our walls.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” Redemption Song. Bob Marley. A great man.

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