Totes Amazing …

Totes from The Times
Totes from The Times

I saw this page of Totes in The Times last week – they’re behind a paywall so no link – and, after almost dropping my breakfast on my iPad at the £2,500 for a Happy shopper by Anya Hindmarch, I thought some of them were rather fun.

My fave is probably the Luisa tote by Lulu Guinness for £60, followed by the Issey Prism and the plain and simple Jaeger tote.  Well worth a look if totes are where you’re at …

As an aside, am I the only person very unhappy at the Happy shopper price of £2,500 or £280 for a Tesco look alike, labelled Disco?  Has the world gone £££ crazy or am I eye-shopping above my pay grade?  If you’ve ventured on my blog at all, you will know I am no thrift shopper but £2,500 for a tote with a smiley face on it … Totes Amazing, dontcha think?

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