Tsumori Chisato SS14

Tsumori Chisato SS14
Tsumori Chisato SS14

I was reminded today, by Cool Chic Style Fashion, how much I love this hat and sunglasses look from Tsumori Chisato for SS14.  Sadly, I haven’t found anywhere to buy them yet, not even on her own, really rather fab, Tsumori Chisato e-shop.

If you don’t know of Tsumori Chisato, do click across and look at her beautiful collections.  From her ABOUT page:

… Tsumori Chisato studied fashion at the prestigious Bunka Fashion School in Tokyo. In 1977, she entered the Issey Miyake design company as the head designer for “Issey Sports”, later renamed “I.S. Chisato Tsumori Design”. With this solid apprenticeship under her belt and at the encouragement of Mr. Miyake himself, Tsumori Chisato started her own line in 1990, a collection that made its catwalk debut in Tokyo at the Japan Fashion Week that same year.
Tsumori Chisato’s signature style was soon celebrated with her innovative and luxurious textiles, intricate beading, embroidery, appliqués and prints of her own design. Graceful, elegant and fun at the same time, Tsumori Chisato’s work has been greatly appreciated over the years. The prestigious “Maïnichi Newspaper Award” is just one of numerous prizes she has received in recognition of her design achievements.
Having always been proudly international at heart, with a particular penchant for all things French, she chose Paris as the destination for her first free-standing shop outside Asia. ..

I shall continue to look for these gorgeous hats and sunglasses and, if you’ve come across them, do let me know where?

Tsumori Chisato SS14
Tsumori Chisato SS14
Tsumori Chisato SS14
Tsumori Chisato SS14


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