Penny Winter African Jewellery

Penny Winter Jewellery Collection
Penny Winter Jewellery Collection

Lots of very pretty African influenced jewellery to be seen on the Penny Winter site. Interesting back story on the about page too:

… We are competing with world known brands, except without any of the advantages,in Africa.

This is my first solo jewellry collection, outside of my Ngong House boutique, which is my husband’s small hotel, on the outskirts of Nairobi, just under the Ngong Hills.

My husband Paul and I have three children.(Charlie, Leyla, Amber). Apart from our work, we have built a clinic and a primary school, thanks to charitable donations in the Kibwezi area of rural Kenya, where we also have a defunct farm and tree plantation.We found the place around ten years ago on a trip back from Kilimanjairo, camped there and now have large safari tents which we use instead of a house.The clinic now has a catchment area of about 70mile radius, there are absolutely no other medical facilities in this area, and we are currently developing a maternity wing …

Will do some searching and find out more …


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