Looking For Light: Jane Bown

Samuel Beckett by Jane Bown in Exposures
Samuel Beckett by Jane Bown in Exposures

There’s a nice review today on a documentary film, Looking for Light, about photographer, Jane Bown, by Hayley Ellis Jones at the-f-word: Inconspicuous presence behind the camera.

The promotional clip for the film from Youtube is below and there is a lot more about her to be found on The Guardian website: see Jane Bown in their Arts and Culture pages.

From the BFI website, the Looking For Light synopsis:

A moving portrait of the photographer Jane Bown: her quiet determination working in an almost exclusively male world; her unique working method; how the sorrow of her early childhood informed her unique photographic style. It includes interviews with Rankin, Edna O’Brien and Don McCullin as well as the many iconic photographs by Jane that span her six decade career including her portraits of Samuel Beckett, Mick Jagger, Queen Elizabeth II and Bjork, to mention a few.

The documentary is also described in a recent article in The Guardian as:

a moving, thoughtful feature-length film about Jane’s past, and her quiet genius with a camera, which has been made by her longstanding archivist and confidant Luke Dodd…

[Jane Bown] says in the film she was only ever truly content, happy, when taking pictures – quite a tough thing for a mother and grandmother to say, but you guess it is true. “It was always that moment when you clicked your button and you knew you had got it,” she says. “That was all I wanted. I just found a way of taking a snap and I stuck with that…

It opens, in a limited cinema release, on April 25 2014. The DVD is out 26 May in two editions, standard and limited edition of 1,000 with a signed photograph from Jane. There’s also an exhibition running from 22 April to 31 May at Observer, Kings Place, London, NI.

For those of us interested in photography, inspired by successful women, sounds like one to watch …

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